There are over 100 moderators supervising Club Penguin. This article is a list of the known ones. Screenhog, rsnail and Gizmo are no longer a part of Club Penguin.

List of known Moderators

  • Billybob (retired)
  • rsnail (retired)
  • Gizmo (retired)
  • Screenhog (retired)
  • Happy77 (retired)
  • Ninja
  • Polo Field
  • Tour Guide
  • Businesmoose
  • Cool Times
  • Iwantpizza
  • Chattabox
  • Loustik005
  • Super sheep
  • Bala De Goma
  • 1brazuca1
  • 1penguinor
  • Tundrafluff
  • Badab0urr
  • Chuchu Br
  • Flocon Min
  • Gigglebunnie
  • Federflink1
  • Po1aire
  • Frilluse
  • Dubbl Bubbl
  • Amarelinho55
  • Patague
  • Pedemre
  • Hockeyb01
  • Pingolo Fr
  • Banquisee
  • Gajotz
  • Tato Maxx
  • Nickname1 (Rsnail's test penguin)
  • Owly Owl
  • Pataplouff
  • Pinkyunicorn
  • Your Penguin
  • Rondinet
  • Berinjelapin
  • Perlerare
  • Flocon Min


  • You must be 18 or over to apply to be a moderator.
  • Only 46 moderators are fully known at this time.
  • A while back, a confusion started about a penguin named Maxlowe. People thought he was a sixth moderator. However, this was proven wrong.
  • The moderators who supervise the other languages are currently unknown.
  • Happy77 owns another account called Luv2dance160, and Gizmo owned an account called Vader2006.
  • All the moderators seen above were in Club Penguin's videos.

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