Rookie Custom1

Full Name Agent Rookie
Species Penguin
Position Secret Agent,
Famous Penguin,
Comm Leader
Appeared Secret Missions,
and Parties
Color Dark Green,
Clothes Items Rookies Hat,
Rookies Sunglasses,
Rookies Shirt,
Rookies Cardboard Box (sometimes).
Related To Flit,
Cute Coffee
Friends With Gary the Gadget Guy,
Jet Pack Guy,
Director of the PSA and EPF,
Agent PH
Meetable Character? Yes

Rookie In Game

Rookie's in-game sprite.

Rookie is a mascot and an EPF Agent of Club Penguin. He Worked for the EPF and PSA until the PSA was shut down in a unfortunate accident. Rookie was first introduced in Mission 3: "Case of the Missing Coins." He is featured in all April Fool Parties excluding 2006 due to misheard of him. Rookie appeared during The Fair 2012.


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